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Posted: January 15, 2018, 09:24 AM

Top-Tier Style Training For secretaries and word processing level operators. Thorough training from an inside perspective. We know what will be expected of you having spent thousands of hours in the environment.
Our training method is designed to significantly increase your MS Word knowledge to a very high level in a short period of time.
We really take you under our wing and train you to thrive in top-tier law firms and everything in between.
Some of the things that set us apart:
1. Homework follows every class. These documents are just like the documents you will be working on. No simulations! You send them to us and we critique them for you. This vital feedback helps you to grow.
2. Our students have full access and use of our LinkedIn site that is filled to the brim with hundreds of Top-Tier level scenarios and how-to's. We have been placing great articles in the group since 2010.
3. Before you ever go to an agency or law firm you will receive pre-testing and test prep so you know where you stand.
4. Each agency we may send you to will involve a pre-strategy session before you go to your appointment.
There truly is nothing like this and the end result leaves you with a solid skill level that gives you the edge over your competition.
We offer weekly the following:
1. Live Phone and/or In Person class is approximately 4.5 hours. Phone class may be split into two. We teach 2007-16. Half Class available after first full class.
2. Most classes 1 on 1 or 2 students tops.
3. The ability to make your own schedule from class to class.
4. Learn from those from the top-tier of the legal industry who function as coordinators, lead operators help desk and IT personnel.
Invaluable Word Processing Training at a Affordable Price.
Manhattan location Price is $250 a class.
Phone class is always $175.00. And, you can be anywhere on the Planet.
Course packages are available at discounted rates! Click on link for pricing:
LinkedIn Group: "AdvanceTo Legal and Corporate Word Processing Training Forum" for free job postings, free how-to articles and discussions. This is an invaluable resource!!!
Questions? Just give us a call.
AdvanceTo Corporation
(888) 422-0692, Ext. 1 or 2
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(888) 422-0692

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