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Sun. Feb. 11
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Buy an apartment in New York City

The most profitable is to buy real estate in Manhattan. And, as on the island of Manhattan is no more free land for construction, bought real estate there will only be more expensive.

New York City - it is the largest financial and business center of the universe. And, of course, the cultural center of global significance. Today, the most favorable conditions buy an apartment in New York City, this situation once every ten or twenty years, since the current prices for real estate in New York, up to 15%. Therefore, if successful investors digging tools, the most prudent can and will invest in real estate in New York. Owning an apartment in New York also provides ample opportunities for education, the future of their children and their own, free to travel to the United States, etc.

Such favorable mortgage loans citizens of the Russian Federation in their own country, unfortunately, can not receive, because you can get fifty percent of the purchase price to twenty-five years, and under the "ridiculous" four to five percent per annum.

Buy an apartment in New York is the most profitable option of purchasing property.