MS Word 2007-16 Legal Secretarial and WP Training

Posted: January 08, 2018, 09:01 AM

Basic through Advanced Legal
MS Word 2007-16 training
Your location, Phone and/or our location. Learn a valuable skill that will lead to a job in the legal industry.
Our students our working...
We are one of a very few that offer training and help with placement for the top tier of the legal industry. If you can work on this level you can work anywhere in legal. This is high level training.
Specialty courses as well.
Learn from those who work in the industry.
Classes on office automation, styles, multi-level outlines, Litigation and Corporate.
All classes average 4.5-5 hours. 1/2 class also available
-Legal Test Prep job agency class for MS Word also available. Know what awaits you.
-Specialty Classes on the merge function and fillable forms for law firms or small business.
-Hands On legal MS Word test development for employment agencies and law firms.
-Candidate assessment for agencies and law firms.
-Books on using a DMS in law firms
-Books on using black lining software in law firms.
-Most classes can be done by phone or Internet.
Thorough and affordable. In person class $250.00. Phone class is 175.00. Visit our site for full pricing. (Book Classes)
AdvanceTo Legal Training
Extension 2
Join us on LinkedIn under the group:
"AdvanceTo Legal and Corporate Word Processing Forum" - This group works as an amazing supplement to our courses and it is maintained by us to ensure that the material increases the awareness of our students beyond our classes.
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