Reality TV from Germany is coming to NY and

Posted: November 19, 2017, 07:44 AM

I am a fashion show planner from Germany, based in Manhattan and a very good TV Production Company from Germany
will show up and filming about my high heels training and modeling school / fashion show training.
Apply to be a part of our high heels training / workshop or be a part of our fashion show - runway training in Manhattan.
1. Workshop:
4 hours high heels training:
You will learn how to walk in high heels with elegance, confidence and grace.
Keep your chin up, relax, keep your balance and we learn you how to walk like a fashion model.
You will learn the tricks and tips to walk in high heels with our high heels training and model coach.
Walking in high heels gracefully is a challenge and we will help you!
This is not only for models. This is for every girl who likes to get more confidence and like to know how to walk in high heels,
Your model coach and Modeling School Manhattan. Your fashion show trainer and Model Coach
2. Workshop: runway training
1 Day / 8 hours Intensive Runway Training in Manhattan, New York. Your modeling school fashion show trainer, model Coach.:
You learn the basic about how to walk the runway in 8 hours
(1 day) with basic choreography for your next fashion show, techniques of motion and gesture for a commercial photo shooting incl. facial expression and basic posing in front of the camera.
Visit our website for more information.
Apply for our 1 or 2. workshop in Manhattan, New York. Send us your age, phone number, and picture so we know how you look like.
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