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Posted: January 15, 2018, 09:34 AM

If you go out of your way to spend hard earned money on a course, it is very disheartening when you do not get out of the course what you thought you would. You end up feeling like you are back to square one.
You won't get that feeling from us. Our courses are affordable, thorough and designed to get you to the level of an operator or secretary who can work in the top tier of the legal industry. Follow our program and you will learn a ton!
We also do a great agency prep class for those people who are about to take a legal word processing hands on test at an employment agency.
1. Live Phone or In Person class is approximately 4.5 hours. We teach 2007-16. Half Class available after first full class
2. Most classes 1 on 1 or 2 students tops. Bring a friend for a discount
3. Homework is included for each class and always free.
4. Learn from those from the top-tier of the legal industry who function as coordinators, lead operators help desk and IT personnel.
Are you currently working? Are you in between jobs? Either way we can help you.
*Those of you who are working and have been using in-house or third party software your native word skills tend to decline. We can help you to make sure that your 2007-16 skills are up to date.
*For those of you in between jobs, we can make sure your skill set is up to date and your knowledge is that of a top secretary or top word processing operator. Stay competitive! Know what awaits you on tests.
Invaluable Word Processing Training at a Affordable Price. $175.00 Phone Class, $250.00 in person Manhattan location.
Course packages are available at discounted rates! Click here for more info
Want to learn more?
Join our free forum on LinkedIn "AdvanceTo Legal Word Processing Training Q&A" for free job postings, free how-to articles and discussions.
What we include:
-Homework, Practice & Job Testing
-After Class Coaching
-Resume Review
-Job Placement Assistance
-Any version of Office (PC or Mac)
-Workshare & Blacklining
-DMS (iManage & DM5)
-Adobe & Nuance
-Presentation/Financial & Legal Learning (for attorneys, IT, wp center ops, secretarial or admins)
-Custom Courses for Specific Goals or Professionals
-Test Creation for job agencies and law firms.
888-422-0692 Ext. 2
Sincerely yours,
Christine Kulaka
AdvanceTo Corporation
(888) 422-0692, Ext. 1
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