MS Word Legal -- The Strategy Session No. 1

Posted: December 29, 2017, 10:01 AM

This book and course is a thorough walk through, and strategy/judgment session of a corporate legal document that a word processing operator or secretary would be expected to format and style from scratch in a top tier law firm. The examination of the document is done from the prospective of a legal word processing center. I go paragraph by paragraph, style by style and teach you how to think as a top-tier legal word processing operator or secretary. This is truly a peek behind the curtain and I will check your work as part of the deal with feedback! Keep reading...
Besides a thorough walk through of the document, this book covers a lot of ground in terms of segmenting a document, establishing a Multilevel Outline, financial tables, page numbering and a lot more.
The "teacher connected" aspect comes from the student having the ability to download the legal document, style it and then send it to me for critique and suggestion.
This is the first of a long series to come. For those of you that have some experience with styles and outlining, this book will certainly help to add to your existing knowledge base.
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