AdvanceTo MS Word Legal For - 2007-16 - Answering Your Questions About Our Classes

Posted: December 29, 2017, 10:02 AM

Top-Tier Style Training For secretaries and word processing level operators. Thorough training from an inside perspective. We know what will be expected of you having spent thousands of hours in the environment as Coordinators, Help Desk, Lead Operators and IT Personnel.
Below are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our course offerings:
1. What type of legal firms will I be able to work in?
Ans: Your training is geared toward the top-tier methods of the legal industry, so naturally, you would thrive in large and small firms.
2. How long will it take me to get to the necessary level?
Ans: Everyone is different, but if you take all of our recommended courses it takes about 2 Months. By necessary, we are referring to 5 MS Word, 1 Excel and 1 Power Point as well as our DMS/PDF conversion and cleanup class.
3. What type of supplemental materials can I expect?
Ans: Homework follows every class. These documents are just like the documents you will be working on. No simulations! You send them to us and we critique them for you. This vital feedback helps you to grow.
Our students also have full access and use of our LinkedIn Group that is filled to the brim with hundreds of Top-Tier level scenarios and how-to’s. We have been placing great articles in the group since 2010.
Our students can also expect a steady stream of supplemental materials that are very focused and pertain to specific procedures and strategies.
4. Once I attain the level necessary what next? Do you help me find a job?
Ans: Once you go through the course, we then start you on your test prep documents and then target you to the various agencies we deal with. Before you go in for your testing, you are given a full briefing so you will know what to expect at a specific location. And, you are welcome to pursue positions at agencies that you have established relationships with.
5. What is the class structure?
Ans: You have the option to do in-person class or phone class. The material covered is exactly the same. Each individual Live Phone and/or In Person class is approximately 4.5-5.0 hours.
Phone class may be split into two. We teach 2007-16. Half Class available after first full class.
Most classes 1 on 1 or 2 students tops. You have the ability to make your own schedule from class to class. Small classes lead to great students.
Manhattan in person location Price is $250 a class.
Phone class is always $175.00. 
Course packages are available at discounted rates! Click on link for pricing:
6. What percentage of your students get jobs?
Ans: The percentage of our students that go on to be successful in this industry is about 95%. This is due to the preparation and support that we provide.
LinkedIn Group: “AdvanceTo Legal and Corporate Word Processing Training Forum” for free job postings, free how-to articles and discussions. This is an invaluable resource!!!
Questions? Just give us a call.

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