Wheel Alignment Near Me in Brooklyn, NY | Tire Alignment Shop A wheel alignment

Posted: November 10, 2020, 08:26 AM
Wheel Alignment Near Me in Brooklyn, NY | Tire Alignment Shop

A wheel alignment is one of those services that requires a specific expertise and up-to-date instrumentation and diagnostics.

Rely on the expert technicians at eAutoCollision.com for preventative maintenance. They’ll not only align the wheels of your vehicle; they’ll take care of all your automotive needs. Serving all five boroughs in New York City since 1999, they’ve come to be the premiere service center in the city. You know that you and your passengers are safe when your wheels are aligned at eAutoCollision. Call now to book an appointment.

What Is a Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment refers to how all of your wheels are placed, angled and weighted, compared to each other and the car’s body. If one wheel sits at even the tiniest bit of a different angle from the others, it causes handling problems and improper wear. Most cars should have a wheel auto alignment service done at least every two or three years.

The various angles of your wheels fall into four categories:

Toe is the angle that your tires turn out and inward when you look at them from above.

Camber refers to the angle when you view them from the side.

Caster is the backward or forward angle, related to the steering axis when you view it from the side.

Thrust refers to the measurement that compares the center of the car to the direction of the rear axle.

It takes the experience and proper tools of an expert at eAutoCollision.com to understand and perform the best wheel alignment. And this is part of the service you get from the Brooklyn-based auto repair shop when you rely on them for all your preventative maintenance. They’ve been serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx and Queens with quality workmanship since 1999.

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